What's are the warning signs to watch before signing up somewhere?

It is very important to read the general terms & conditions and the bonus terms on the casino's website. It might not be obvious for the first glance where you can find it, but it's worth to search and run through it. There you can find important details and restrictions that can affect you later. Better to know before than complain later. You play with your hard earned money, so you don't want to lose it because of some hidden rule you missed to read in a hurry. Also, it is important to read reviews and opinions, comments about sites. Do former players of that casino talk positive about their experience? Did the payouts happen without issues for others?

yes or no?

Take a close look on the withdrawal methods. Check on how many different methods you can withdraw your winnings and in what ways you can deposit money. There is no direct connection between the trustworthiness of the casino and the depositing and withdrawal method's number, but in any case it gives a comfort for the player if there is a wide choice of payment methods to choose from.

The most popular payment and withdrawal methods are Skrill, Neteller, Bank transfer, Visa and Mastercard payments. On the top of these usually every trusted casino offers other payment and withdrawal methods for different country members and various region's players. For example for Russian players often offer a payment option of Yandex, Webmoney or Qiwi. In certain casinos you can pay by Bitcoin too which is more and more popular choice between gamblers, we can say both is a kind of fortune game for people who enjoy risks and knows when to withdraw. Later in this article you can read more detailed info about the best bitcoin accepting casinos. Apart from these there are sites that offer Ethereum or Litecoin depositing options too. Another quite popular method to pay in is Paysafecard.

A few years ago some casinos that called themselves trusted has been caught to offer pirate game software. These games has been rigged, therefore after revealing them, they have been removed. A case like this will questioning an online casino's reputation and trustworthiness for good.

At evaluating whether one can call a site trusted, it is good to keep an eye on the way they promote their bonuses and how they actually behave when they have to approve and grant your bonus amounts on your account. It is a significant question whether they automatically place your bonus amount on your account or you have to ask the customer service to do it, as if they were doing a favour for you. The promised bonuses should have not been asked! Move on to a better trusted casino if your experiences as a customer are bad.

The headway of Bitcoin (or BTC in short ) as a payment method

In the gambling world it gets more and more frequent option to accept payments in Bitcoin and give extra bonuses for players for this kind of deposits.

These extra bonuses are usually at least 25% ones, but it is not that rare to find even 50% bonuses or free spins offered for BTC deposits. The use of BTC doesn't require any special technical knowledge, everyone can learn it in a few minutes how to use them. It is highly advised to try this payment method for players who doesn't want to miss the best bitcoin casino bonuses. Take attention though, some of the game providers' games doesn't support the use of bitcoins. Looking at the bitcoin casinos, for us the Cryptoslots and Mars proved themselves the most sympathetic. These has great bonuses and very fast payments. We get generous offers daily from them in email about their new promotions.

bitcoin coin image

I would like to mention here one more extra info about provability. Are online casino slot games trustworthy or cheating you in the background? This question comes to every players mind, especially at less lucky days. The good news I'm sharing you today is that the Mars Casino is provably fair and can be easily verified! There is a widget on the site that will show you whether the outcome of a game is fully random. You can use third party decryptors aswell to check the results.
For details visit Mars Provability - Fair Games

Without doubt we can say, the Mars Casino won our trust, for us this is the best BTC casino of all. The rank of the other bitcoin accepting casinos can be found on this top-list:

  1. Mars
  2. Cryptoslots

Mars and 7bit Casinos belong to one company, they operate on English, German, Russian and French languages and one can play on the most known game providers' slots, like Microgaming, Betsoft, iSoftBet, Bgaming, Ezugi, Amatic Industries, Endorphina, GameArt, Habanero, Mr Slotty, Quickfire. The only backside of them maybe the fact that Netent slots are not in the offer, but on the other side the huge amount of games we can choose from and the fast payouts gives us a relief.

The is a quite unique BTC casino, where users can play with the company's own made slot games. This doesn't diminish their reputation and there is no doubt about their trustworthiness. This is why we added them on the second place on our list. At the moment a very favourable 111% bonus is offered for players with really good wagering requirements and the second and third deposits are rewarded well too. The legitimity of the brand is even more supported by the fact that it is operating business since 1998.

On the website of about half of the casinos accept bitcoins for depositing and withdrawal method and of course almost all of them will accept the main currencies, like USD or Euro.

Payout proofs can be seen on the top of the page under the payouts menu. On the main page you can see a Proof sign on the cards where proof of payments are available to view. On the individual review pages you can find further information for example about bonuses, along with useful info about promotions, wagering requirements and printscreens about the most important things from that given site. All the cards on our main page are filtered by countries, all the casinos you can see on the main page are available in your country and offers welcome bonuses for players there.

You can find info on the left side of each review page whether BTC is accepted as deposit or withdrawal method at the given venue.

Can I trust an online casino if it doesn't pay my winnings immediately?

The short answer is: of course, you can. The timing of payout doesn't have a significant impact on the trustworthyness. In the terms and conditions or payouts menu the casinos used to give detailed information about their payout time.

Everyone would like to get their winnings as fast as possible and these days payments are instant. Every online casino is different with various payout intervals, processing time. These intervals mostly depends on the payment type.

The most popular Skrill and Neteller withdrawals usually apply instant, 2-3 hours or same day, in some cases 72 hours timeframe for withdrawals to be done.

Withdrawals to banks or bankcards usually take 3-5 workdays to be completed.

I had to wait a few minutes till a customer service representative answered me. Can I still trust this casino?

Yes, you can. Think it over, in popular sites there is always a big crowd of players and many of them have questions to ask from customer service. There can not be a customer service agent for every player. Only for this reason don't doubt the legitimity of a site.

But if you feel that the customer service is rude with you or makes you wait more than ten minutes then that site might be one to avoid in the future. Don't let them make you a fool, after all they live from your money, so they have to serve you as you deserve it. There are hundreds of casinos to choose from.

If you have bad feelings towards a particular casino, move on!

I would like to register at one of your best and trusted casino, but visiting their site I get an error that players from my country are not accepted. Why is this happening?

SlotAtHome reviewing the country bans 2-3 daily, therefore this kind of case happens very rarely. Some of the casinos start bans abruptly and we need time to reflect these changes on our website. If you find a place where they doesn't let you play, please let us know and we amend the place's details on our site. In this case please find another place where you are accepted instead. We showcase a lot of great gambling places so you can find another alternative easily.

As a basic feature on our website that you can only see those casinos that make playing available in your country and offers welcome bonus there. This way the chance that you see a casino-card on our main site but you can not play there, is quite small. We work hard to show only the best places to play for you.

Sometimes you want to searc for a certain casino. To check whether it is listed on our site, on our main page there is a search icon on the top-right part which will help you out.

search bar
After clicking and using that you can quickly check if your desired casino is in our repository or not.

What special rules online casinos have that one should know before registering into one?

Please note, here we only collect the main or special rules with some examples. For the actual and detailed rules of a certain casino please read the terms and conditions of them, together with the terms and conditions of their bonuses on their website.

To avoid money laundering players need to wager their deposits at casinos a certain times before they can withdraw any money. At Welcome Bonuses this wagering requirement is usually somewhere between 35-60 times of the deposited amount. At normal, non-bonus-deposits usually it is 1x, but in some places it can be even three times one. It is rare to find any higher wagering requirement than this, but in case you find one like that better think it over before you deposit any money there. Gambling venues with higher everyday-deposit wagering requirement might just want to take player's money away, better to stay away from them and find a trusted casino instead.

wagering requirement pictogram
As I mentioned before, this “normal-wagering” requirement is not to confuse with “Welcome Bonus" or other promotional bonus wagering requirements. Also, for free spin bonuses there is a different rule to apply too.

Players have to keep in mind that during bonus wagering there is a maximum stake for spins. This maximum stake changes by online-casino, usually it is between 2-5 Euro.

Another important thing to watch when playing with bonus money is that not all of the slots games count into the wagering requirement. Typically the high RTP and low volatility slots used to be excluded, most often these are different slot games from the provider Netent, like Bloodsuckers, Jack Hammer, Dead or Alive, etc.

To fulfil the wagering requirement of a bonus, casinos used to give a timeframe, usually 7-30 days. If the player can not fulfil the wagering requirement during this period, the bonus gets lost.

Players has an option to withdraw their money during bonus wagering. In this case the bonus amount and the amount won with that will be taken away and only the deposited money or it's remaining sum can be withdrawn.

How is it with the best casinos then? Does anything like that exsist at all?

There are casino sites that are really trustworthy ones, have very favourable bonuses or exceptionally low wagering requirements, you can withdraw money fast, you can pay by Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, but to say a casino is the “best” one is quite a subjective category.

Let's have a look for example on those users that like to play slots games on smartphones or tablets. There are casinos that targeting these people and providing mobile friendly games for them, telling they are the best. However, nowadays evey site should be mobile-friendly if they want to keep the pace with trends, therefore this feature only doesn't make a site “the best”.

There are players that regardless of the best bonuses on the world decide to play without applying for welcome bonus, no-deposit bonus or free spins. They like to play without restrictions. For them the best casino doesn't mean the same as for someone who prefer the high bonuses.

During our study of different sites we have found even 160x deposit wagering requriement, regardless of applying for any bonus or not. By the way this particular casino offers 400% welcome bonus, in vain for those that like to play without restrictions and wagering requirements. For these players the most important thing is to withdraw their deposits, won amounts, or the leftover of their deposit as soon as possible and hold the money in their hands.

As it is visible from the examples above that the best casino means different things for each gambler.

Trustworthiness in contrary is always a fact.

Other ways to get bonuses. Betting on sport events.

With regard to the types of bonuses, it should also be noted that bookmakers or sports betting casinos may also offer other bonuses to their players and for their prospective clients. These bonuses can also be the aforementioned bonuses, but due to the different characteristics of the sports betting casino, there are bonuses related to sports events and free bets. They are often associated with some of the more famous sporting events: city riders (for example Manchester City - Wigan) or Champions League final, Wimbledon final, US Open final, etc. Free bets may apply to pre-match bets or live betting too. When accepting a bonus from a betting agency, please be careful to note that these bonuses are also subject to rules that are relatively similar to other casino games rules.

The wagering requirement is similar, but it is not as high as it is at casino games. The difference is that at betting generally have a minimum odds, ie bets placed below the odds are not included in the betting requirements.

We have to be careful that the bookmakers usually determine the amount of money we can bet. If we accidentally go over it once, all our efforts so far are wasted and we can easily leave with a negative result.

One of the worst bets at online bookmakers is when the only acceptable betting is in form of a for example minimum of five-team parlay. We avoid such bookmakers, but luckily there are many great bookmakers on the Internet to choose from.

Bonus opportunities on Tip Tournaments

Different websites tend to organize tips competitions where participation is completely free and does not require any financial input. These are usually monthly tournaments, but there are also some weekends where the tournament is connected with the most well-known big games, like Serie A, or Premiership. Usually between the first three and ten players in the tournaments will receive prizes that will be credited to their account by the tournament sponsors, but cash prizes are not uncommon too.

If we look for such games, we need to type in tipsters competition in the search bar of our browser. If you have done this, you will already find many pages on this topic.

If you are good at one of the sports, you can look specifically for a site that specializes in that particular sport, but you can also succeed in multi-sport competitions.

These tournaments can also be useful because they are practically simulations of a betting agency, so even if you are a beginner in sports betting, you can use it to set up strategies. In addition to games, we have a lot of useful information on these sites, as there is usually a forum on the site, reading news and interesting things, and getting tips from other experienced players.

There are tournaments where we have to justify in a few sentences why we have bet on the event and the outcome, and there are places where we just need to give our tips.

Top USA Casinos

We've run through the best casinos in the earlier articles, let's dive deeper into the subject and go over some of the most important things. In the following, we will look at the best USA casinos, draw conclusions. Later in another article we will deal with specific rules for UK and another countries and, of course, their casinos.

Citizens of the United States found themselves in an interesting position when Congress passed special laws regulating the operation of online casinos in the United States. These laws have tried to make the operation of online casinos somewhat transparent. Of course, it had other goals too, but online gambling was declared illegal in practically all Member States. The best casinos in the US that were trusted got in a difficult situation, and as they were, the harmful effects of the law were manifested.

As Member States have separate legal instruments, different laws apply to the operation of online casinos in each Member State. This is why we see a situation that players from one Member State can play in the casino while residents of another Member State can not. Similar events have also occurred in Canada, and in some respects, the laws governing online casinos in Canada have appeared sooner than in the US.

The operations of the online casinos in the US and other countries around the world have virtually grown into a business of hundreds of thousands of billions of dollars. It is estimated that $330 billion was spent by players worldwide in online casinos in 2009.

Features of USA casinos

A distinctive feature of USA casinos is that they look pretty much similar to each other at first glance, and this is proven later when we look at games and gaming providers.

At first sight, it is noticeable difference between European and typical American casinos that while European ones sometimes have thousands of slots, Americans have something like 150 only. During our research, we have noticed that US gamblers and sports betting players like to play slots at betting offices, where they can find a very small choice (20-30 slots). Table games are more popular there.

The US and European casino slots have in common only the Betsoft Game Provider slots. While there are many popular providers in Europe, the number of USA providers are limited to a few.

A few USA specialised top brands

One of the best US "playground" is the Cryptoslots bitcoin casino, which we ranked second best on our list about BTC ranks based on our own experience. is quite popular in the US and it has its own slots. As mentioned before it is a highly trusted and fair company.

Another very popular brand in the market is the This is an online casino with a history of over 13 years, with more than 170 Las Vegas-style games that include all-time favorite table games, video poker, specialty games and a massive collection of online slots. So it is obvious that this is a top class venue with a solid foundation that deserves to be called one of the best in the US. And don't forget their generous $7777 Welcome Package bonus.
The example above also shows that the casino offers 170 games, well below the Slotsmillion Casino's more than 3100 games and the over 90 game providers there. Anyway, the name of the brand is a guarantee that they will always keep their games up to date. The offer of them includes the popular Naughty or Nice 3, I Zombie, Magic Mushroom, or the Wild Wizards slot.

Let's check out another tried and trusted company that also deserves to be listed on the top in the US, Drake Casino. Drake Casino has become one of the industry's top venue thanks to frequent promotions, huge bonuses, first-rate VIP program, reliable customer support and a large variety of Flash games. There are plenty of table games too with baccarat, oasis poker, caribbean poker, craps, Pai Gow poker, blackjack, red dog and three card poker. Promotions: 300% deposit bonus up to $6000, Reload bonus, Cashback, Free Spins, Happy Hours and email promotions.
The Drake Club is filled with rewards and big deposit bonuses for players at all levels. At this online casino you can play the slots of some of the best game providers in the US, like Arrow's Edge. The slots at Arrow's Edge will provide us with an unforgettable experience, but you will also find video slots from Betsoft game provider such as Atlantis, 2 Million BC, Arrival, 4 Seasons or Good Girl Bad Girl.
Arrow's Edge was established in 2014 as a game provider. The company develops high-quality casino games for desktop and laptop players. It has expanded its offering to the mobile gaming market and is developing dozens of games available on smartphones and tablets. Overall, the company has quickly built a portfolio of well over 50 games for the mobile and PC market.
The most important features of Arrows Edge are Mobile Game Focus, Jackpot Focus and Tournaments Focus.
Some of their favorite games are Arcade Fortunes, Shopping in the Hills, Around the World, Chep Wars, Panda Planet, Ibiza Slots, Animal Arcade Slots, True Heroes Slots, Robin in the Woods, Alice in Dreamland.
Like most casinos that accept USA players at Drake Casino you have the the following deposit options: Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Quick Cash.
One of the great features of Drake Casino is that all forms of deposit other than Quick Cash have a minimum amount of $25.

Gossip Slot is a sister site of Drake Casino, so the above also applies on it. There are also generous Welcome bonuses, Freespins, Happy Hour bonuses, special email promotions and Tournaments. Payment methods include bitcoin, BCH, Litecoin and XRP.
The game range includes popular Betsoft Games such as Treasure Room, Barbary Coast, Birds, Good Girs Bad Girs and A Night in Paris.
Anyone who likes good bonuses should definitely try Gossip Slots, which is undoubtedly a trusted brand that deserves to be on the list of the best US casinos.