About Us

We are the same average people with our life stories as many others in the world. We have tried many different things, gained professions, and practices in many areas of life. We studied economics and business, did sales and factory physical work. Some of us have a degree in agriculture, others are experienced in IT. Some of us are good at sports, others at social issues or mechanics.

We have one thing in common. We all have extensive (and sometimes expensive) experience with possible online money-making methods. We belong to the age group that saw the very first personal computers, and we were there at the first steps of the World Wide Web. The sudden emergence of information technology into everyday life has had a considerable impact on the lives of us.

Long story short, we didn’t choose the online world as a way to make money. It chose us. We tried a lot of ways to make money and eventually found the opportunity in the online world that holds the biggest leap for people like us. However, we have also seen the difficulties people face when looking for ways to make money online.

Our goal is to examine all aspects of online revenue generation and organize knowledge into an easy-to-understand system. In our research, we try to present the different methods in a clear, purposeful and straightforward - but at the same time interesting way - so that everyone can understand them once and for all.

We hope you enjoy your time on our site and benefit from what you have learned here.