as Online Income Earning Method

This post contains affiliate links. It means we get a commission if you purchase from some of the companies we advise here at no extra cost to you. Be that as it may, the advice below represents our real opinion.

Commercial companies need customers, and they are willing to pay for their attention in the form of advertisement costs.

If you have a website, blog, YouTube Channel, or social media group that has an audience - readers, followers, fans, visitors, members - you can get paid to direct their attention to something you promote. In short, you can be an ad publisher.

The 3 Main Types of Online Advertising

  1. Publishing display ads (banners, pop-ups) for a pre-negotiated fixed price.

    In this case, the advertising companies will contact you. You will discuss the content, duration, dimensions, appearance, location, and price of the advertising that the company wants. With this method, you can earn a stable monthly income from advertisers.
  2. Publishing ads for a post-determined amount

    Your ad revenue depends on how many times the ad appeared on users' screens and how many times they clicked on it. You must register with advertising agencies for this type of publication. Such agencies are Google AdSense,, Propeller Ads, Infolinks, etc. There are other programmatic advertising technology companies too, like OpenX. They have ad-servers and bidding exchanges, where advertisers can bid for publisher's ad-spaces. You provide a space for the ad where you can paste the advertiser code, which you get ready from the agency. That code allows a variety of ads to appear in your ad slots.
  3. Publishing for a commission.

    This method is also known as Affiliate Partnership. In this case, the advertising company benefits from your ad-publishing service and distributes a predetermined portion of the profit to you in the form of a commission. You can find more information about this on our Affiliate Income page.
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