YouTube Channel
as an Online Income Source

Your YouTube channel can have many features and is easy to create. It can act as a standalone online business and also as a complement to your other online presence (your blog, website, or other social media).

The key to success is to make interesting, useful, or fun videos. This way, your channel gets fame, and you can gain followers. The more followers and visitors your YouTube Channel has, the more advertising or affiliate revenue you can earn. YouTube itself comes with a feature that allows you to monetize your videos. At this point, banners will appear at the bottom of the videos or next to them. YouTube pays you for each ad impression. The more people watching your videos, obviously more time ads will appear next to them. If a visitor clicks on an ad, you can expect even more revenues.

However, this is not the only way to monetize your YouTube Channel. You can enter into affiliate partnerships with companies, and then you will mention their products and services in your videos. You give a brief review of the products or companies, telling your audience why you like those. To do this, you need to partner with companies that you respect for some of their qualities. This way, you can advise tried and trustworthy products or companies with a good heart.

You can also promote your other online presence: your blog, website, webshop, online courses, eBook, various services. A YouTube channel is a great way to drive a large number of leads and potential customers to your other businesses.

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How to Make your YouTube Channel

In this article, we reveal the easiest method of creating your YouTube channel. Following this step-by-step explanation, you will be able to upload your first videos on your YouTube Channel.

To create a YouTube channel, visit, and try not to click on different videos. Sign in using your Gmail account - if you haven't got one, create it first.

During the sign-in to a YouTube account, you will have a choice to create either a personal page or a Brand Channel. Choose this latter one, as this will allow you to use a custom name for your channel, not only your name. If you create a Brand Channel, you can give others access to it with their own log-in credentials.

Once you’ve logged in, click on your profile picture in the top right corner, and select Create a Channel from the drop-down menu. If you already have a channel, but you want to create a new one, go to Settings in the drop-down menu, then go on Add or Manage Channels. Then on the new page, click on the plus sign to add a new channel.

Fill out your YouTube Channel Description. If you want to change this on your existing channel, select Settings and click the Customize Account blue button on the tab that appears. Write something short and engaging content about your channel. Also, write some keywords in the description that visitors can use to find them. You can also tag your videos later and use key phrases in the description of each video.

Enter the addresses of your website and social media profiles, as well as the email address where visitors to your channel can reach you. Click Publish to save all changes.

Verify your channel for extra features. To do this, click on Settings in your Profile Image and then Channel Status and Features. There is a blue Verify button at the top of the page. To verify, enter your phone number, and you will receive an SMS message, which you enter in the appropriate field.

Go back to the YouTube Studio tab for more settings. You can access this by clicking on the Profile Picture on the right, selecting Your Channel, and then clicking on the Profile Picture again.

On the YouTube Studio tab, click on your larger profile picture in the upper left corner, then click on the blue Customize Channel button on the appearing tab. Below the Banner tab, you can upload a banner image for your channel. Here, you can add a Watermark image or Subscribe button to your videos below.

YouTube Studio Settings
Settings in YouTube Studio

With this, you have finished setting up the channel. For more detailed settings, go through all the menu items and make changes according to common sense. Click the small camera icon in the upper right corner to upload your first video.

Create your own YouTube Channel
Start upload great videos

Monetize your content

To join the YouTube Partner Program your channel needs to have 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.

Profiting from ads running on YouTube largely depends on the country of your viewers, your age, and the length of your video. If you make a video longer than ten minutes, YouTube can place more ads during the video in 5-second blocks, so your earnings will be higher. An average few minutes of video generates about $ 2,000 in profit per 1 million visitors. And a video longer than ten minutes costs about $ 4-5,000.

If you live in the US, this profit might seem small, while in the rest of the world, it is a pretty good income. The most rewarding way to profit from your YouTube channel in several ways, as mentioned earlier, is to promote your webshop, blog, website, service, or affiliate partner.