DIY - Do it Yourself
as Online Income Earning Method

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So you came on this page wondering how to make a reasonable income out of your DIY products.

We have good news. Selling your handmade products online is not the only way to make an income out of it.

We have our Active & Creative ways to make a considerable amount of money from products you did by yourself.

Sell your DIY Products the "Old-fashioned" Way

There are some great websites with the main profile of selling users' hand made products. One of the best sites for that is We have a dedicated page where we explain how to sell on Etsy.

You can also open your webshop or create your account on eBay or Amazon. For more information about these, visit our page about selling online.

Sell your Design Ideas on Products

If you have creative design ideas, you can place them on T-shirts or mugs online. There are companies on the Internet that will iron your unique artwork on their blank T-shirts or printing it on mugs and sell the product. All you need to do is create your design. The company will take care of the rest of the business. Producing the T-shirt or mug with your design idea, list it in their webshop, taking orders, sending products to customers, and paying your revenue to you. If you are interested in money-earning this way, visit

The Ultimate Way of Profiting from DIY

For this method, don't sell your DIY product. Don't even sell your idea on a product.

What to do instead? Take your product and write a blog, create a website, set up an Instagram profile, or record a video about it for your YouTube Channel. Show the world your product and the way how you made it. Get followers, make a brand from your work. This way, companies will stand in a queue at you and paying you big money for mentioning them, advertising, reviewing their product or business for your followers.

Do you remember the video series about guys building fountains and swimming pools from mud with elementary tools?

Guess what! The video above has almost 100 million views at the time of writing this article!

The guys have done a great job in the video, and their swimming pool is magnificent. It isn't a worthless one, for sure. But imagine how much the YouTube Channel earned on this one video alone. By the information available online - this much views generated between $300,000 to $700,000 revenue for the channel. Do you know what I mean?

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