Online Surveys and Questionnaires
as Income Sources

This post contains affiliate links. It means we get a commission if you purchase from some of the companies we advise here at no extra cost to you. Be that as it may, the advice below represents our real opinion.

The Best Survey/Questionnaire Host Sites

Official Website Profile Notification Method Payout Method Minimum Payout
Earnably surveys, other onsite PayPal, Bitcoin, other $1
EarnHoney surveys, other onsite PayPal, Amazon Card, Bank Transfer, other $5
GetPaidTo surveys, games, video watching, other onsite PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Ether, other $1
Green Panthera surveys, other email PayPal $30
Keep Rewarding surveys, other onsite PayPal $1
MarketAgent surveys email, browser notifications Skrill, PayPal $10
Mobrog surveys email Skrill, PayPal $5
Opinion Hero surveys, other email PayPal, Skrill $5
PaidViewpoint surveys onsite, sometimes email PayPal $15
Points2Shop surveys, other onsite, sometimes email PayPal, Cheque, other $1
PointsPrizes surveys, other onsite PayPal $20
RewardingWays surveys, other onsite PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin $1
SpiderMetrix surveys, other onsite PayPal, Amazon Card $50
SuperPay surveys, other onsite PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin $1
SurveyRewardz surveys onsite, sometimes email PayPal, Cheque $5
Think Opinion surveys, other onsite PayPal, Skrill $5
Testable Minds surveys browser notification PayPal $10
TimeBucks surveys, other onsite PayPal, Bitcoin $10
Toluna surveys, other onsite PayPal, prize $10
ySense (ClixSense) surveys, other onsite PayPal, Payoneer, other $5
TGM Panel surveys browser notification, onsite PayPal $10
iSay(IPSOS) surveys email, browser notifications PayPal, Vouchers, Prepaid Mastercard $5
E-Research-Global surveys email PayPal $2
AttaPoll (phone app) surveys mobile notifications PayPal, Bitcoin, Ether $3
CashKarma (phone app) surveys, other onsite PayPal $10
Daedalus Online surveys email Bank Transfer $10

Everyone heard about filling in online surveys and questionnaires to earn money from them, but only a few have real experience with it. We have made our research and trials with this online money earning method and would like to share our experiences with you here.

There are websites with the main profile to offer multiple companies surveys and questionnaires to fill in for a little remuneration between $0.10 - 6.00 per each. It takes 5 - 45 minutes to earn this amount. Filling in online surveys and questionnaires is a real money source. Some people make a decent side-income from it. If you decide to sign-up for it, take into consideration the following remarks from us:

  • Filling up questionnaires and surveys require a lot of time spent with them. Companies pay for your answers and information, so they wish to get back as much for their money as they can. Longer surveys and questionnaires often take almost an hour to fill in for a few cents.
  • You will need to give numerous personal details about yourself. Companies prefer to choose people for surveys and questionnaires that could be their potential customers. They are interested the most in people that have average or above-average regular monthly earnings, live in countries with high spending potential, have a certain level of formal studies. They tend to offer more and better-paid questionnaires for people with these qualities.

    In our opinion people with these qualities have both less time for filling in questionnaires and less need for an extra income. When creating their surveys, companies are not interested in jobless people too much. But often, exactly these people would be happy for every little extra money.
  • The survey host websites often have minimum payment thresholds. These seem low, around $10, but to collect this much amount can take weeks or even a month if they choose you less often for filling questionnaires.
  • Some notifications about new questionnaires arrive by email but some not. The best practice is to log in often to the survey host website for checking their offers. There are a lot of people waiting for these offers similarly to you, so the number of fillers required is quickly reached. If you don't check your emails regularly, multiple times every day, then most of the offers will have an expired status when you try to apply for them. Also, on some survey pages, your points will be reset if you do not log in every month.
  • If you contradict yourself or your profile information while filling out a questionnaire, you may not receive the money for that survey due to suspected fraud. The same thing can happen if you answer too quickly without even having time to read the question over.
  • Some of the survey host sites will pay you through their chosen method or in a cryptocurrency. Make sure you read their rules before you start work for them and sign-up for an account at the necessary payment processors, like PayPal or Neteller, etc.
  • Get ready for boring questions. Often you will have to give every little detail about your shopping habits, life circumstances, etc. Sometimes the same question is asked again and again in a different way.
  • Sometimes you may get an invitation on a survey, then you start filling it in, and after a few questions, you get a notification that you are not suitable for the project. If you fill in your personal details correctly at the sign-up process, the chance of being unsuitable on a questionnaire is less.

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