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Tipster competition sites are for those who want to compare their sports betting skills with other players or want to have fun or make free money. Betting tournaments and tipster competition sites offer opportunities to win sports betting bonuses. As novice sports bettors, we have tried these tournaments too and benefited quite well from them.

There are several types of competition websites. Some sites are general, while others specialized in specific sports. We better like smaller sites than big ones with thousands of players, because in smaller ones there are fewer competitors for ourselves. This way, our chance of winning the tournament is significantly higher.

Taking part in competitions is free. Some of the sites offer you paid membership, which gives you more insights into well-performing bettors tips. You can benefit from these tipster competition sites in two ways: win a prize on them with your successful tips or use the predicts of other successful tipsters on your betting slips.

We have created a short compilation of the best tipster competition sites below.


    It is a complex, mobile-friendly site with forums, live scores, and games. There are a total of 2 tipster competition challenges on the site, both with so few participants that whoever enters these tournaments can practically envelop a prize.

    One of the challenges is called SLBet League.
    To take part in this, you need to create an account at via the referral link of is a sports betting website. Winners will receive their prizes in the form of a bonus on
    In the SLBet League, you must submit a minimum of 15 tips per month for your result to be valid for that month. At the time of writing - we are in the middle of a month - there are 31 players in the SLBet League, 13 of whom have a valid result. Out of them, the top ten finishers will get a reward. You can see that if you have a little knowledge of sports betting, it is worth participating in the competition. The total prize pool of the challenge is €500, which will be shared respectively, as follows: €150-100-60-40-30-30-30-20-20-20

    The other challenge is called Cash Preview Tipster Challenge League.
    In this challenge, participants have to write a 100-word justification in English next to their tips.
    In the Cash Preview League, the top 17 finishers will get a reward. The prizes are ready-money sums, transferred to your Skrill account. Besides, you can get lottery tickets for written justifications next to your tips, which can also result in a nice sum at the end of each month. In this league, the first position winner will receive GBP 125, and even the 17th position will receive GBP 5. Currently - it is now the middle of the month - 20 players have a positive result in the challenge.
    You can have an opportunity to make easy money in this league if you have good English language skills. In addition to the minimum 100-word justification, there is another criterion. You have to submit your tips no later than 3 hours before the start of the events.


    Similarly to the former one, only a small number of people play on this tipster competition site, too. The top 10 players will receive a prize in the form of a 1xbet sportsbook bonus. In addition to the competition, the site contains a lot of tennis-related information - news, rankings, and statistics. So, if you are not interested in the challenges, the site can still be useful for you. It is especially true if you are involved in tennis sports betting.

    The distribution of prizes is as follows:

    1st place: EUR 150 bonus credited to 1xBet account
    2nd place: 100 EUR bonus credit to 1xBet account
    3rd - 5th place: 50 EUR bonus credit to 1xBet account
    6th - 10th place: 20 EUR bonus credit to 1xBet account

    You can register for the challenge only with one account. The tournaments last for one month each, and you can only bet on the winners of the tennis matches. On the first day of the month, each player starts with a balance of 1000 points and must get the best possible score.


    On an eSport tip challenge takes place every month. At the end of each month, the best players receive serious prizes. Not many players take part in this tournament either, so here you have a real chance to win even the grand prize, which is a 20 mBTC Nitrogen Sport bookmaker free bet. The second prize is 10 mBTC, and the third prize is a 5 mBTC free bet. You have to submit your tips no later than 10 minutes before the start of the events. At least two tips must be made during the month to participate in the monthly competition. Participants can also bet on CS:GO, Dota2, Overwatch, and LOL match. Players can submit any number of tips daily and monthly. Sign-up to the site takes a few seconds. Players can also sign up with a Steam account.

    You can find useful information on the website about the world of eSport, view team-statistics, and previous results against each other. You can also find comprehensive descriptions of bookmakers specializing in eSport betting to the smallest details. You can read about withdrawal and deposit options, the amounts of bonuses and their redemption requirements, and the contact details of customer services, too.


    It is a serious betting site with high prizes, but more people play here compared to the previous three tournaments. Similarly to the other ones, too much knowledge is not needed here either for a win, as the top forty players will receive cash prizes. It is worth mentioning that the bettor who performs best in the monthly competition will receive a prize of £1,200. The award for 40th place is £10. In addition to large and complex challenges, there are also competitions specializing in specific sports, such as NBA betting. NBA tournament happens weekly (now, unfortunately, paused due to the situation), and also has a total prize pool of £1000.

    Nothing shows the size of the site better than the fact that it is available in 12 languages. You can find their sports betting guides, bookmaker brochures, which analyze bookmakers down to the smallest detail. Even horse racing bettors can find predictions, horse racing calendars, video analysis on the site.

    If you do not like to search for suitable matches, study and analyze statistics, or you do not have time to do so, then you are in the right place at BettingExpert. You can get ideas from others and copy the tips of professional sports bettors. And the best of all is that you can do it for free. In addition to football, tennis, basketball, and hockey predictions, you can find tips on many less popular sports on BettingExpert, too. If you are not a fan of the big leagues but would bet on lesser-known championships of “smaller” countries, you are still in the right place here.

  • (formerly

    It is also an excellent site to find useful tips because there you can see the statistics of the tipsters in detail. You have the opportunity to follow the best ones. You can pay for a subscription service here, but you can choose from a lot of free tips, too.

    In the free competition of, the top 5 tipsters get an award. Distribution of prizes, respectively: GBP 400-300-150-100-50.

The above information briefly summarizes the most important and essential information for successful participation in tipster competition sites. If you think we have provided useful advice, also visit our list of Sportsbook companies and register for the best ones. On the site, you will only find bookmakers that are available in your area.

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