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an Online Money Stream

This post contains affiliate links. It means we get a commission if you purchase from some of the companies we advise here at no extra cost to you. Be that as it may, the advice below represents our real opinion.

As we mentioned on our Advertisement page, affiliate partnership is a form of advertisement: promoting a product, service, website, or company for a commission.

A website, blog, YouTube Channel, or social media group that has an audience - readers, followers, fans, visitors, members - is a perfect surface for affiliate income earning.

The online interfaces you can use for affiliate partnerships are similar to that of traditional forms of advertising. Earning money as an affiliate partner can be done primarily on your website, YouTube channel, blog, or social media groups. Either way, the point is to have an audience, members, visitors, followers, fans for whom you can offer products and services of businesses. These businesses keep track of how much they profited from customers you referred to them, then pay you a pre-determined portion of their profits as a commission. It is called a revenue share.

How do you get started making money as an affiliate? Look for sympathetic companies, ones you would kindly recommend to others, and see if it is possible to form an affiliate partnership with them. To do this, you usually need to scroll to the bottom of the website of the selected company and look for "Affiliates". Nowadays, you will find this opportunity in most companies, as they have already realized that advertising through affiliate partnerships is highly effective. Their advertisements will land in front of their target audience with the help of affiliate partners.

Once you have contacted the companies and indicated to them that you would like to be an affiliate partner, they will create a user account for you. Sometimes it can take several days for them to respond, as they will check your details before they do, and they can evaluate your website where you will place their affiliate links. It is crucial for them to only make affiliate partnerships with partners who will not make a bad reputation or misrepresent them on a poor quality online interface.

Once you have successfully agreed via email or Skype, all you have to do is select one of their banner ads in your affiliate account or just a text follow-up link. Whichever you choose, you will be able to track on your dashboard how many times your visitors clicked on that banner or follower link. You will also see if these visitors spent money on the company you are promoting. If so, you can immediately see the amount of commission you are entitled to, which you can request at the end of the month.

Affiliate partners who have been in partnership for a long time may get unique promotional materials and special offers. This way, they can gain even more potential customers. There are many other settings available on your Affiliate Dashboard, such as launching and tracking the success of advertising campaigns, choosing advertising materials in different languages, etc.

If you do not wish to partner-up with companies individually, you can sign up for affiliate aggregator sites like, which is focused on i-gaming brands, or for more general topics you can visit There are plenty of companies offering affiliate partnerships on these sites. All you have to do is choose the ones you like, and so you can see all your partners, advertising campaigns, follower links, statistics, and commissions in one place. even has affiliate races where you can compete with other affiliates, and the best performers get rewards. The downside to aggregator sites is that you can not make individual agreements with the partner companies. Your only option is to accept or decline the partnerships posted on the aggregator pages.

The partner companies’ websites use cookies, which means they can determine which affiliate partner recommended them to the customer. The cookies are stored for a few months, so if a customer you referred makes a purchase months later, you will still be eligible for a commission. In many cases, you can receive a lifetime commission on additional purchases from a customer who has already made a purchase. It is why affiliate income-earning is a source of passive income. The rules may vary from partner to partner, so always read the Affiliate Terms and Conditions section of the company you are promoting or discuss the details with your affiliate manager.

Of course, to make your affiliate business a long term income source, you continuously have to keep an eye on your website, YouTube channel, or blog. You have to keep it updated with relevant information and new posts. This way, you will always generate visitors that you can refer to the companies and get commission after their purchases.

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