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Reasons to Start an Online Business
  • You like to learn new things, try something different.
  • You have no life because of your current job.
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How to make money online depends on multiple factors and the circumstances. Everyone's life-situation is different, so we will not tell you how to earn $5,000 or what is the "best" way to get rich, but we can prove that it is possible to earn an income on the Internet with your computer or smartphone. We aim to show you a realistic and broad picture of all the possible online money-making methods, provide you with well-organized categories, real-life examples, practical explanations, and a choice.



The possible legal ways of making money both online and offline

A century from now in the future, when history books are going to write about our time, their most important thing to say will probably be the spread of digitization. The Internet, computers, smartphones, laptops, social media sites represent a milestone in human civilization.

Information surrounds us in a never experienced scale. Millions of adverts, hundreds of TV channels, smartphone apps, websites, blogs, ever-changing social media site trends, and IT solutions scatter our attention. It is hard to keep pace with the evolving technology and the flood of information that poured on us every day. There are real opportunities on the Internet for everyone. Still, most of us are just consumers in the online space, paying with time, data, and money. Regardless of all the technological development of the last few decades, most of us still have to wake up when the alarm rings and go to work or school, search for jobs, earn money and live our lives in the real world. Can it be otherwise? More and more people ask this question.

It is time to learn how to use the resources of the Internet the smarter way to make it useful and profitable. How can one find a balance between the online world and real-life? How can one make use of the accumulated information to get a living from it? Is it possible to live from online income? Can the Internet be someone's workplace, instead of 9-5 jobs and overtime? Or it might just be a side income source?

It is challenging to categorize online money-making opportunities into clear groups because almost all of them overlap with one another. A successful online business combines a variety of techniques and ways to make money. With SlotAtHome, you can get a broader picture of the various money-making solutions and hopefully recognize the connection between them. We encourage our visitors to do their homework and gain knowledge about our topics from other sources as well. We want to help you take the first steps in the world of online money-making. We want to provide an easy-to-understand and well-structured roadmap. Our platform wants to be a source of information to which you can return at any time for new ideas.

This website collects and shares information to answer the above questions. If you become more familiar with the methods presented here, you will have the necessary knowledge and expertise to select the solution that is best for you. And, in case you are just here to learn more about a certain method, this website will help you to understand and benefit from it one way or another.

In today’s complex world, simplicity is the key to finding many answers. This is how we can answer the question in the title of the article.

Simply put, the three possible ways to make a legal income are the same in both the real world and the virtual one. To make money online, or offline, you have to..., wait or win.
That's how everyone does it. We will dig deep into these categories in different parts of our website. It is rare that these three modes alone lead to success. In most cases, success comes from a good balance of these three modes. The many ways to make money presented on our website can be categorized into one or more of the above three ways. A common element of the money-making opportunities presented here is the connection to the online world.

Long story short, here you will learn how to benefit from the Internet and how to make money online.

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Online Money-making Categories

The ways to make money online are quite diverse, as is the case with traditional, "offline" money-making.

For some, online money-making means just an extra layer on regular job. One can take advantage of the Internet and reach more customers - working from home and managing own time.
Even this can bring about a serious improvement in the quality of life.

For others, online income generation can be completely separated from traditional jobs, providing a whole new lifestyle and source of income on its own.

For others, online money earning is just a dream or a side activity, as a home-shift, in addition to their regular employment.

For some, it’s just a pastime.

For some, this is an exceptional opportunity to change their lives.

Take a look below for a brief introduction to the six main online money-making categories. For more detailed descriptions and to access the subcategories, visit these pages or choose from the top menu!

active money earning online

Active & Creative ways

This type of work requires a lot of time investment and proficiency in specialized areas. It is similar to a traditional employment relationship, except that the worker is his/her own boss and has to schedule his/her own time and work processes. This online money-making solution is sometimes tedious, but if done well, it provides a stable source of income with low risk.

betting and tipster competitions

Betting & Tipster Competitions

Apart from hobby bettors' pipe dream betting slips, successful betting for profit is not a fortune game. On the contrary, it requires analytical thinking, intelligence, and a passion for the events. This way, betting is a real online money-making method. More advanced bettors and tipsters can make use of other's tips or win big money prizes on Tipster Competitions held online.


Investment Opportunities

The same rules apply to online investments as to traditional ones. It requires capital, patience, and information about the subject of the investment, which may be different from traditional investment subjects. There are investment opportunities on the Internet that are not available for traditional investments. Examples include cryptocurrency or domain name investing.

fortune games

Fortune Games

Everyone knows fortune games. It’s hard to find people who have never tried these before. Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to send our weekly lottery ticket into play from home. One can even try their luck on a scratch card or play more complex games like Bingo. This online money-making method needs less time and money investment if one play them occasionally. The chances of winning are low, but there is a possible outcome of getting a millionaire in one minute.

casino games

Casino Payments

Online casinos are the right venues for those looking for some excitement and risk. In general, the possible return rate for players is high, sometimes above 90%, and there are chances to get a nice sum at the end of the day, but as mentioned, it is a risky field. At online casinos, one needs to have solid financial funds that are not needed for a living. To have strong self-control is very important at casino games - being able to stand up from casino table or slots machine games with some profit instead of bankruptcy and gambling addiction.

passive income sources

Passive Income

Passive income is the greatest way to get a long term online income - or as they say: "a pension for life". The idea basically means to make a product once and sell it multiple times. The product is not necessarily a physical one - a digital work, like a video course, e-book, or an automated solution also considered a product. After take-off, the income flows automatically without active efforts, hence the name: passive income. To make an online business like this to run, it is necessary to invest a lot of hard work at the beginning and need to have perseverance until the income will start to flow.

The best sites for betting in the USA and Canada

Let us introduce you to one of our partner sites, which has a great collection of the best online betting sites for players in the USA and Canada. has a long history of testing and reviewing bookmakers on the web by giving handy bits of advice, and sharing info about successful betting. Of course, everyone can tell you their opinion, but more often than not, some sites you can find on the Internet are not objective. The difference between other sites and BotOrMan is significant. BotOrMan is not only good at sharing info, but it also shows a great deal of expertise by regularly uploading proofs. You can see the screenshots of the successful transactions at the bookies they tested with detailed information about the process.

Personality Traits of an Online Income Earner

Western culture prefers extroverts, so introverts try to hide their true self and go along with the expectations. It is not only so in society but also in traditional workplaces. Introverts often work more for the comfort of employers and extrovert colleagues, while extroverts have more drive and self-initiative. Let's see in more detail which online money-making methods are the best fit for each of these personality types.

Introverts at online money-making

The Internet provides a significant opportunity for this type of person to earn money. What does that mean exactly? People with these traits like to work alone. Silence charges them up. People around them drain their energy. The luckiest constellation is when an introverted personality comes with talent and ambition to create results - not for a boss, but for themselves, for a community, or for the world. At the workplaces these people do a large part of work, still, they often feel less valuable, exhausted, burnt out, and tired. The good news for them is that in the online world - also at online money-making - this works differently.

How to turn their personality traits into success at online money-making? It is easier than you think. With the current technological development and the rapid expansion of the information technology, the time of introverts is approaching. What to do to get on this train? First of all, one has to recognize their values and personality. From there, it is necessary to do a lot of work, but this is one thing people in this group are superior. Successful online money earning needs the same core values that introverts have. Deep thoughts, ability to focus on the topic, listen to their audience, provide value, and then log off of the online world to accumulate their energy for steady growth.

Extroverts and online money-making

The opposite type, the extraverted personality, likes to work in co-work spaces or busy office environments, to feel the eyes of other workers on them, and they need constant reassurance from their audience. They like being in the center of attention, and that is true at online income earning too.

CEO-s of corporations, directors, leaders, and better-paid employees often have this personality type, as this study or this article shows. It is because these people have less sensitivity towards the feelings of others. They are fast decision-makers and unmerciful with their juniors or employees. It is what profit-oriented companies need.

People having an extraverted personality need the attention of others. They want to show off and conquer. When two such people meet, they don't listen to each other: during a conversation, they listen to themselves, and the attention of others charges them up.

This kind of person is successful at online money-making if they get enough popularity, followers, and audience. They are usually good at that. They crave the attention of others, enjoy their performances and long speeches on YouTube Channels, answer questions of their followers, being influencers. They can not exist without the attention of - let's say the truth - introverts.

If you are interested in the social aspects of this topic, you can find super materials on the Internet. You might be interested in the speech of Susan Cain that has over 11 million views on TED's YouTube Channel.

Online Income Earning - Is it for me?

The biggest obstacle to a successful online business is your mindset. To start making money online, you need to have the self-belief - that you will be able to make it happen, and you will be successful. Persistence is also a key attribute. Success doesn't come from the blue. Some people would be successful, but they limit themselves. Family, friends, or old thought patterns predestinate them on failure in online business. To achieve the entrepreneur mindset is hard for some people. They better go back to safe 9-5 jobs because there they can be sure they get the next paycheck at the end of the month.

Lottery winners who have become millionaires overnight are often unable to change their attitudes, their circle of friends, their old way of thinking at the same time as their sudden luck. It is why, a few years after winning, they are often poorer than before. This example also shows that personality has a significant role in success.

If you do not believe you can be successful at making money online, you will not be.
If you do not trust the profitability of online money-making methods, they will not even be profitable for you.
If you do not want to put energy into it, you should maybe think about whether it is the right job for you before you start.
If you are afraid of the uncertainty, the Internet business is not the right form of activity for you.
If you are afraid to change your lifestyle, we will not recommend online income earning to you.
If you do not trust yourself, failure is guaranteed.
If you believe that sure bad is better than uncertain good, you better not even start making money online.
If you are pessimistic, work on your personality first.
If you can’t change your limiting self, don’t expect the world, people, money, the Internet, success, or other external factors to do it for you.
If you just want to get something from the online world, money, status, lifestyle change, fame, you are not ready for it yet.

Think about what you can offer the world, and then you will get back something you want.
You can’t successfully write a blog with your intent for fame with it. You need to provide useful information, advice, reviews, valuable thoughts to your readers - something they can benefit from one way or another - and then you too can benefit from your blog.
If you make a webshop, sell something you would buy.
If you do online teaching or create a website, choose a topic that interests you, and on which you can share your expertise - this way, you will be useful for the community and get something back.

Have a clear goal of why you want to be successful in making money online. If you just want to get rich or hope your life will change for the better without any effort, then perhaps the best choice for you is to buy a lottery ticket or try some casino game. But remember, luck often goes hand in hand with hard-working, prepared people.

Online Income and Taxes

It is your responsibility to pay taxes after your online income.

Sometimes this income is low and does not even reach the tax threshold, so it is not even necessary to include it in the tax return. Some believe that the tax authorities will not even be aware of their online income, so they only include a portion of it in their tax return.
Higher-income freelancers tend to become entrepreneurs or start a business - often in a low-tax country, also known as a tax haven.

The right choice is further complicated by the fact that in the case of online income, it is sometimes difficult to determine which state’s tax authority is competent, i.e., where the income comes from, where the business took place. Is the service provider or the customer's country competent? Or maybe the authority of the country, where our internet company's servers are located? For these reasons, while authorities are trying to regulate online incomes, they are having questionable success. As a result, they tend to ignore income from smaller online businesses.

In an ideal world, we do not encourage anyone to hide their online income, but ultimately it is everyone’s own decision and responsibility. Play by the rules and if you do not like them, find ones that work for you.